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Jet Boat Rentals in Traverse City

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Our 19' runabout boats have a 1-8 person capacity. Includes Tube, wakeboard, water skis or knee board

Delivery to inland lakes only

3 days for $1,000
4 days for $1,300
5 days for $1,600
6 days for $1,900
3 days for $1,300
4 days for $1,600
5 days for $1,900
6 days for $2,200

Looking to rent a boat in Traverse City or Northern Michigan? Look no further! Give Break'n Waves a call today!

For Your Information

- Fuel is not included on deliveries.
- Life Jackets and Safety Equipment Provided With All Rentals
- Advance Reservations Recommended on Boat Rentals
- Driver's License and C/C required on all boat rentals
- Deposits Required on all Rentals
- Must Be 18 to Rent or Operate gas powered vessels
- Daily safety certificates available at no charge

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